Hey, Seniors!

If you've made it this far, you probably have some interest in having me take some awesome senior photos of you. Follow along this page to learn about the total senior experience.  


If you are interested at all, inquire with me! (Theres a pretty cool form to fill out at the bottom of this page). I will then give you my available dates and work with you to find a package and date(s) that work perfect for you.  


Once we've set a date, we can then choose a location! I am very open to any ideas or special locations that are meaningful to you. The location is SO important to your session and I want to make sure that the location is one that will best reflect you and your session.


Once these details are set, I would love to help you pick out your outfits that would look best! The outfit is entirely up to you, but I would love to give advice and ideas!


I absolutely love it when my seniors bring their pet, their best friend, a family member, or anyone that’ll make them comfortable and keep you laughing. You’ll definitely get a few cool photos with them and it makes the shoot so much fun! If you have a hobby or sport you like, make that part of the session too! During your whole shoot, I’ll give you prompts and help you pose, and I guarantee that you will get the hang of it in no time!

Options Include:


Option 1

One hour session


Two outfits

50+ photos on an online gallery 

Option 2

Two individual 1-hour sessions


Four outfits

80+ photos included on an online gallery 

Option 3

Three individual 1-hour sessions


Six outfits

120+ photos included on an online gallery 




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